FITREC offers far more than any other fitness application currently on the market. Once you create a simple fitness profile, the app makes connecting with other users within a specific radius incredibly simple. Filter by fitness level and the type of activity or recreational sport you’re after, then discover like-minded users nearby.

Whether it’s for working out, jogging, hiking, biking, or playing ball, FITREC helps users develop dynamic fitness communities. There are people out there who share your fitness goals and your fitness passion. The FITREC APP makes it easier than ever to find those people. And by joining together to achieve a shared fitness goal, you are creating a powerful community. Historically, community fosters encouragement, accountability, support and security…Why not physical fitness too? Perhaps this is what we all need to inspire us to reach are fitness goals.


My name is Michael Anthony Bustillos and I’m the Founder and CEO of FITREC.

We are a company that believes in the power of a fitness community. In an increasingly digital environment, where we spend so much time gazing into the screens of our phones, tablets, and PCs, getting outside and engaging in some form of physical fitness activity can be a difficult task. Now FITREC is poised to solve that problem by reinventing how we connect with others to achieve our fitness goals and maintain healthier and active lives.

I’ve worked in the medical field in a number of occupations since the age of 17. I currently work as an ER nurse in the DC area. I’ve always been passionate about helping others to live healthier and more active lives. It is this passion that inspired the creation of the FITREC app. Throughout my life, I have attained my goals largely as a result of the support and community around me; they’ve always been there to bolster me up. I believe that when we do things together, we have a better chance to reach our goals, and in the process, change the world


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Chief Operating Officer

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Event Coordination

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Executive Assistant

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Video Editor & Videographer

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Media Editor

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Graphic Designer

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Social Media Intern

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To empower people to join or build their own personal fitness communities and maintain healthier and more active lives together.


We want to help establish fitness communities in neighborhoods, cities, nations, and eventually around the world.