FITREC App: The New Social Fitness App

December 29, 2017

FITREC App: The New Social Fitness App


Why did you decide to start FITREC?

We are motived to change national statistics of health-related problems that stem from inactivity. I‘ve been in the medical field since the age of 17, and prior to starting this company I was working for a local D.C. hospital as an ER nurse. I have seen many illnesses linked to an inactive lifestyle: diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and depression, to name a few.

That’s how I came to the conclusion that something needed to be done to get people moving again and help prevent some of the health problems caused by inactivity. I recognized that people want to get out there and get fit, but a major barrier to fulfilling that ambition is not having company on the life-long journey of staying active. With this application, you no longer have to work at fitness alone—you get companionship, encouragement, and continual mutual reinforcement to stay with it and keep improving.


What does the FITREC app do?

FITREC is a mobile application that allows you to find workout partners, join pick-up games, and create groups for fitness and recreational sports.  You create a simple fitness profile, set your filters, and then see who’s near you that wants to participate in the same fitness or recreational sports activity. With our in-app messaging feature, spark up a chat and go out and get fit together!

Studies have shown that when we workout together we are more likely to reach our fitness goals. You can create your own personal fitness communities from the world around you!


How can I help Support FITREC?

Help support FITREC by spreading the news about it!  We are all about grassroots marketing and social media. This app can only succeed with your help. On our home screen, we have a share button that allows you to use your contact list to tell your friends you’re using the app. A message is sent to them to check out FITREC’s website.  If they choose to download after seeing the site, all they have to do is clicking the Download button.


Do you have other merchandise I can buy to promote FITREC?

Yes—We have SHIRTS! FITREC is self-funded to this point, and we want to keep growing. Buy a shirt and help support the platform!  Your support allows for that, and it’s very much appreciated. The link to our Store will be available shortly after our launch date.


When will FITREC be available in app stores?

We will be the Google Play Store November 20 and then the Apple App Store December 15.