Why Workout with a Partner?

December 29, 2017

Why Workout with a Partner?

By: James R. Kearns



Living a healthy lifestyle will bring countless benefits to your life. It will also present its share of challenges. You may fall off your dietary routine, miss some workouts, or simply lose your motivation and “throw in the towel”.


If this sounds like you, or something that you foresee down the road, you will surely benefit from a workout partner to keep you motivated, and give you that extra push when you need it. In fact, this works both ways. Having a reliable workout partner can help make sure you both reach your fitness goals.



Most people find it easy to let themselves down, but much harder to let someone else down.  When your alarm goes off at 5:00 AM it can be pretty tempting to turn it off and go back to sleep, instead of getting to the gym before work. However, if you know that your workout partner is there waiting for you, you’re much less likely to leave them all alone and disappointed in you.


The accountability that you and your training partner owe each other won’t only apply to the gym. When you see them on Monday morning, you want to have good news to share. You don’t want to report in on how bad your diet was and how late you stayed out over the weekend.


Wouldn’t you rather be able to say that you made some great choices and are ready for another great week? Your workout partner will hopefully tell you a similar story, given that they are just as accountable to you as you are to them.



While accountability is the means to keep your fitness goals on track, your partner’s influence is what motivates you to show up and excel in your workout. Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and thought to yourself “I wish I was doing something else”? This is when your workout partner comes to the rescue, offering words of support and encouragement.


Not only will a great workout partner verbally motivate you during your workout, their presence alone will encourage you to train harder.


This is backed up by science. Have you heard of the Hawthorne effect? It refers to the way individuals will change the way they work, or in this case workout, if they know that someone else is watching them. In other words, knowing that your workout partner is observing you will be enough to motivate you to train harder.



Of the many benefits of having a workout partner, safety may be the most important. Staying safe aligns perfectly with living a healthy lifestyle. Many of us have seen the overzealous lifter who decided to bench press more than he or she could handle. Fortunately, someone is usually there to see them and come to their aid before something bad happens.


Having a committed workout partner will ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. You will always have a spotter looking out for you when you decide to test your strength. You will always have a partner to call in assistance if you get injured during a run.


A great workout partner will provide you with many more benefits than the few that are listed here. Not only will they hold you accountable, keep you motivated and safe, but a great workout partner may also become a great friend.


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